Deena Knight Interiors

I specialize in full service, residential interior design.

 "I offer everything from styling or updating what the client already owns to taking a blank interior and making it feel like home. I also have the privilege of working alongside a luxury custom home builder. In that relationship, I assist clients with all of their selections from architectural plans through to move in." - Deena Knight

What inspires you? Describe your style. I'm inspired by beautiful spaces. When I was a kid, I used to go to model homes and dream up what could be. Then I started reading design magazines at a pretty young age. Even now, I'm captivated by walking into a space with good commercial design: a fabulous hotel lobby or a quirky restaurant. I take it all in, especially the lighting. I call my personal style "classic with a twist." I prefer clean lines, with a fairly neutral palette, but with at least one unexpected element.

Shortly describe the process of what your clients can expect working with you.  I find that some clients know what they want, but just need reassurance that they are going in the right direction with the decisions they are making. While other clients want to pay me to alleviate having to make any decisions at all. My clients can expect me to be a good listener: respectful of their taste and their budget, while still being honest. If I don't think a piece will work, I will tell them, but I do it gently! Even if I think the budget is unrealistic, I will work hard to try to figure out a way to make their wish-list affordable. I absolutely believe in a high-low approach, even for those clients who say there's no real budget. Ultimately, I treat my clients like I would want to be treated.

Photography: Ariel Perry Photography

Photography: Ariel Perry Photography

What is your favorite part about the design process? The best part of the process is a happy client. I love their reactions to their "finished" rooms (I put finished in quotation marks, because I feel your home is never really finished. I encourage clients to leave room for down the road purchases, like artwork that speaks to them or objets d'arts that they find along their travels). It is also fun to look back on the original design proposal and see how close we stayed to it in the final selections. So far, I have only done residential projects, but am certainly open to working on a commercial project!

What do you want the QC to know about Deena Knight Interiors?  A full-service client recently told me that she feels like working with me was like hitting the "easy button" on her home. She was moving from out of state into a new home without any "real furniture." She and her husband needed someone to help navigate the process. I could empathize because I've relocated several times over my adult life and I know exactly what it feels like and what would have made it easier for me in those instances. I draw on those personal experiences to be as helpful as I can be to my clients.

I was a client before I was design professional. I have worked with a few interior designers along the way. I have taken the best and the worst of those experiences to try to create a design process that I feel good about. I'm not looking to be the biggest firm in town. To quote from my favorite movie, Jerry Maguire: "The key to this business is personal relationships..."

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