Juice Bar Charlotte

Locations: Providence Plaza, Park Rd

Monthly charge- $800.00

What this includes:

  • visit both stores 2x/week during busy hours (take pictures and audience engagement)
  • 5-6 FB posts/week with post and page boosting ($100)
  • 6 instagram posts/week
  • 1 photo repost from follower/week (#juicebarclt)
  • Make flyers virtual/paper for important events
  • Instigate monthly contest for a giveaway via fb/instagram with community engagement and participation
  • Highlight 1 success story per month (new juicer, feeling healthier after cleanse etc.) post to fb/instagram
  • attention to increase followers/activity on instagram/fb
  • Outreach to CLT influentials and community through collaborations with PR representative
  • Monthly email of analytic/metrics on success

*billing statement will be emailed separately to

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