Luxe Angel Boutique

When did Luxe Angel open and why did you decide to open a boutique? Luxe Angel opened in August of 2015 and has been a dream in the making since I can remember. I have been in retail for over 26 years and for most of that I wanted to open my own store. Having all that experience under my belt in every step of the retail ladder from sales associate to corporate trainer I decided it was time to go after my dream.

What sets Luxe Angel apart from the rest? We really do pride ourselves with making you feel at home while shopping. I have a pretty laid back approach when it comes to selling. I would rather build relationships in the store and let the clothing sell itself. My dog, Ruby, even comes every day to the store and is our official greeter. I did tons of research when choosing brands to make sure we had great feeling pieces at reasonable prices and I think we have it on the mark. I also bring in all handmade jewelry from across the US and usually only buy 1 of each piece. This way each piece is a one of a kind in the store. I continuously hear from guests that they love shopping with us and love the product. I won't lie, I love to hear it. It let's me know I am doing something right.

How can locals purchase your products? Locals can purchase in store at 720 Governor Morrison Street Charlotte NC 28211. Pieces can always be purchased from any of our social media sites by providing an email and size in the comments or calling us at 980-299-0220. We also launched our website in the Spring and add new styles weekly. 

Who are some of your style icons? Please describe the style(s) that best describe the brand? We keep an eye on: Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Anniston, Rachel Bilson. I love their casual, classic style and they can turn it around and wow you on the Red Carpet. Keeping that in mind you will find just that in the boutique... classic pieces that you can wear many ways, fashion pieces to step up an outfit, and cocktail attire and dresses. I also have my own Basics Line. The pieces are made from all organic materials and dyes. This is something we carry all year round and just feel really great on!

Does the boutique offer choices for both men and women? We currently do offer choices for both men & women. For women we offer a wide range of apparel, denim, shoes, accessories and handmade jewelry. For men we offer some really great basic and classic pieces that are easy to grab and go. This includes tees, polos, button downs and denim.

What has been your favorite part about opening a business in Charlotte? I moved to Charlotte a few years ago from South Florida and I just love the Charlotte vibe. I knew right away this was where I wanted to open my boutique. I love that fellow business owners rally together to help one another out. I love the friendships and relationships that I have built since opening. I know my choice of opening in Charlotte was the right one.

What do you want CLT to know about you and your company? I would love for CLT to know we are here. We are about a year and a half old and loving it! We always see new faces finding us and hearing stories as to who sent them in and why. We pride ourselves in great service and making you feel welcome. We want everyone to feel like they can afford to buy. Our price point on clothing is from $30-$200. We are having so much fun... Stay tuned you may even see us grow in the near future!

"Many people have asked about the name and what Luxe Angel means. Luxe Angel is very special to me for a few reasons. Luxe because everyone wants to feel luxurious and I have taken a lot of time and research to bring in brands that just feel good on and fabrics that are really great feeling. The next word Angel is the most important to me… Both my parents have passed and I know that I now have two angels watching over me making sure my dream continues to thrive." -- Owner, Lisa Joanisse

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