Carolina Craftsman Builders

"Craftsman style in modern times"

What services do you offer?  Carolina Craftsman Builders is a full service general contractor specializing in home design, construction and the homesite procurement process. Our speciality is redeveloping residential parcels near Uptown Charlotte into dream homes crafted with high-end, quality features that customers seek this day and age. Simply, we are developers, designers, builders and most importantly: Neighbors that take pride in their community.

What is your favorite part about the home building process?  The interaction with our trade partners in crafting the vision that our client expects for their home is the best part about building homes. We are facilitating a dream through organized and detailed communication. There is great pride in being entrusted with our client's most valued, tangible asset that will shelter their family, host formal gatherings, provide a relaxing retreat or accomplish their vision of HOME. Our goal: "Under promise and over deliver".

How would you describe your style?  "Craftsman style in modern times" is our slogan and our homes fit thoughtfully into existing communities with historical charm. We use the term "craft" diligently when describing our process because we are not assemblers of homes merely following instructions; rather, our goal is to display quality through elegant carpentry and thoughtful design features that are skillfully installed by artisans who take pride in their work. "Craftsman" is not a term, it is a philosophy that embodies our design and execution.

What areas of CLT do you build homes?  Our portfolio includes projects in Elizabeth, Chantilly, Cotswold, Plaza Midwood and Wilmore, but we are seeking opportunities in Dilworth, Sedgefield, NoDa and neighborhoods within a 10 mile radius of Uptown Charlotte.

What do you want the QC to know about Carolina Craftsman Builders?  We are passionate about the people, resources and footprint that we impact when crafting homes. Our experience is displayed in several areas of the Queen City and we hope to expand our interactions to more communities that share our vision. Home building is not our job, it is our lifestyle and legacy.

OWNERS: Ryan Meeuwsen & Clifton Reasor

OWNERS: Ryan Meeuwsen & Clifton Reasor