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When and why did you start your business?  I started in professional family portraiture in 2005, but I’ve been passionate about photography since I was 6 or 7 years old. Honestly, I didn't choose family portraiture as a career, it chose me. I know most family photographers, especially women, stories begin when they had their own babies. But, I never had any babies of my own. I did (and do), however have a strong family bond and am deeply sentimental and nostalgic. So, I suppose it made sense that when my oldest sister had her kids I constantly had a camera pointed at them clicking away trying to capture every moment and detail. Soon her friends asked me to photograph their children, and their friends asked me to photograph their children, and my business grew from there. I couldn't be happier that this genre chose me. I feel so tremendously honored to be the one selected to capture the precious memories that I do for my clients.

Describe the style of Jody G Photography. What inspires your work?  My photography is soulful and elegant in its simplicity. When I’m photographing a family I am focused on capturing the emotion of the moment and creating deeply meaningful images for my clients that go beyond being cute pictures of babies and children. I’m inspired by real gestures of affection that are simple but powerful - like the image of a mother standing in front of a window, swaying back and forth, rocking her baby to sleep. I’m also inspired by the outline of an expectant mother in the last couple months of her pregnancy, newborn wrinkles, chubby baby rolls, a child’s ringlets at the nape of their neck, toothless grins, and all of the other little details that only exist in the fleeting moments of the present.

What are all the services that you offer? We offer fine art lifestyle portraiture for families who either already have young children and/or family’s who will soon be welcoming a child (or children) into their lives. We also offer membership into our Nostalgia Collective which entitles its members to not only several photo shoots during an 18 month period, but also discounts, and other perks exclusive to members. It is perfect for celebrating the first year of a child’s life. Our annual Mother’s Day Event (held this year the last weekend in April) is a day of mini-sessions encouraging mother’s to get out from behind the camera and get in the photos with their children. We are providing hair and make up and little swag bags for participants. All of the proceeds from the event go to a local children’s charity nominated by the public. Each of our sessions include detailed planning assistance (including professional hair and makeup referrals, wardrobe suggestions, etc) as well as a private in-home design and ordering appointment. During this dedicated time our Studio Manager, Kendra, works one on one with our clients to help match their personal style and taste to the photographic heirlooms that are right for their family.

Do you travel to your client's home for family sessions?  All of our sessions (excluding mini-sessions) are held either in our client’s homes or at a location of their choosing. While minimalist style of photography doesn't necessarily show much in the background, the little that does show I want to have meaning like the hint of the baby's actual crib.

What is your favorite part of each session?  By far my favorite part of each session is seeing a client's final heirlooms for the first time that we had designed together. I am like a little kid on Christmas morning - I get so giddy! When I first see that album or framed print for the first time it takes my breath away. I can't even describe the feeling - it just fills me with such happiness!

Tell us more about you!  We are just incredibly passionate about preserving memories for families. Nothing makes us happier than the overwhelming joy we are able to bring to people and the knowledge that decades from now the heirlooms we created with them will be among their most treasured possessions.

The registration for our annual Mother's Day Mini-Session Portrait event will be opening up soon. There is a limited number of spots available and they fill up very quickly. Charlotte families who are interested in participating should sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when registration opens. Sign up HERE 


All images by Jody G Photography, Jody Dixon (Owner/Lead Photograph) and Kendra Hendrix (Studio Manager)

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