NoDa Painting Company Inc.

It is no secret that home construction and renovations are on the rise in the QC. There are many local boutique companies in the home design space that cater to luxury and modern design for this next chapter. NoDa Painting is the company to contact for quality commercial, residential or even single room projects for homeowners.  Make sure to follow along on to see how they are making CLT look even more amazing! 

Imagery Credit: Sarah Anastasio// Home Builder: Grandfather Homes Inc.

Imagery Credit: Sarah Anastasio// Home Builder: Grandfather Homes Inc.

NoDa Painting is a high end company with extreme care about detail, and meticulous personal appearance. Happy customers serve as our inspiration. On more than one occasion we've been contacted because another painter failed to deliver what they promised. Stepping in to fix mistakes and get the customer the look and style they want is one of our inspirations.

"Happy customers serve as our inspiration." 

"We're proud to be involved in Charlotte's rapid growth."

--Managing Partners: Omar Salomon & Justin Brown


NoDa Painting is different from other painting companies because of our customer focus. We aren't here simply to apply paint but to collaborate with the client, and make recommendations to deliver a unique and beautiful outcome.

 Some of our favorite projects are the luxury homes we've painted. Typically paint is the last part of a project. We get to go out and apply the finishing touches in these homes and deliver the project looking crisp and clean.