ReNew Home Charlotte

What is ReNew Home Charlotte?  ReNew is a furniture painting and refurbishment business.

Owners: Holly D'Amico and Daniel Jordan

Owners: Holly D'Amico and Daniel Jordan

What services do you offer?  We offer furniture painting and refinishing to Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We pick up your furniture from your home and deliver it back to you completed, making the whole process very easy. We also thrift for customers. We are often contacted with inspirational images and we communicate with our customers about their needs and vision for their ideal piece. We find something to suit them and their budget. We can paint it and deliver it to them without them ever leaving home! Occasionally we find amazing pieces that would look beautiful with a fresh coat of paint and our followers can expect to see items for sale from time to time.

What is your style? Where do you get your inspiration? ReNew is made up of two people and we both have different tastes, although we almost always agree on what to do for a piece. One of us loves really eye catching with bold statements and tend to lean toward the bohemian style and the other a minimalist who loves simplicity. 

"I am inspired by so many things. Looking at travel pictures on Instagram and seeing how different trends in other countries are progressing. I enjoy bold and over the top styles as well as an unexpected color on a front door! There are so many wonderful designers to look up to as well. I collect design books and just try to gain as much vision outside my "box" as i can! I'm also inspired by all of the home shows on HGTV because I love the feeling of giving a customer their dream piece!! Thats pretty great motivation" - Owner Holly D'Amico

Daniel is a minimalist and likes very clean lines and simple design. He is inspired by the incredibly talented furniture designers who came before him. He is very much into Mid Century Modern furniture so he tries to honor traditional techniques when he's restoring a piece. To say he is meticulous is an understatement!

How do your customers receive the furniture?  We offer complimentary pickup and delivery of furniture. We have found that so many people in Charlotte want to renew a piece they have but simply don't have the time or the means to transport it. We make it easy to get that project done.

What do you want the QC to know about ReNew Home Charlotte?  We want the Queen City to know that we are passionate about making your furniture brand new again to fit your style and we are HERE!


Any other unique things you would like locals to know about you and your business?  I grew up in a family furniture business and thrifting is one of my passions! We welcome the challenge of finding someone that perfect piece after seeing their inspiration picture. It fuels us to find what someone has been searching for!

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