Two Fold Clothing

Owner: Morgan Wagstaff

What made you want to start a clothing company?  I have always been interested in apparel and creating beautiful things. I went to school for apparel design and shortly after, started working for a large-scale company in the fashion industry. I quickly realized that I didn’t believe in the standard, unethical practices of companies in this industry. I noticed a lack of attention to detail in design, little to no care about the conditions of the factories the product was being manufactured in, and absolutely no talk about the environmental effects. I created Two Fold to counteract the typical business practices. I wanted to have a company that cares about every effect it has on people and the planet.

What sets Two Fold Clothing apart from the rest? Two Fold is not only a different style than what you see in the mass markets, it also has a very different business model. Each piece in this collection is responsibly made all right here in the USA. We design and create every piece from start to finish all under one roof. This helps oversee quality control, have healthy environments and fair wages for workers, and ensure your piece is created with care and attention to the finest detail. We believe in responsibility to our community and our planet. We use only the highest of quality, certified organic and sustainable fabrics. Fibers such as organic cotton, tencel, and raw silk are completely biodegradable and are made from all renewable resources. We are also helping to fund a community in Karogoto, Kenya to help foster economic stability for the women in this region. We have partnered with an organization that goes into developing communities, assesses their needs, prioritizes the areas of development they believe need the most attention, and makes an action plan. We are helping this community thrive through the Small Business Program, where we are giving 10% of our profits to the women in this community that have started a knitting business.

How can locals purchase your products? Right now locals can preorder the first collection through my Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is only live for 30 days, so get it while it's still live!

Who are some of your style icons?  Even though she's a fictional character, I definitely look up to the style of Annie Hall. I am also continually inspired by the designs of Han Starnes, a designer out of Nashville. Her designs have a nostalgic resonance while still feeling fresh and new. I love the raw, earthy feel of her brand and I can only imagine what she wears everyday.

Where do you get your inspiration?  So much inspires me daily. The powerful women in my life, the changing of the seasons, and the interesting patterns all around us. I try to always observe what I see. I try to always have my eyes peeled for something interesting because I never know when inspiration will hit. It could be the smallest thing or something so grand. In design specifically, it may be something someone tells me they wish they had in their wardrobe, or something they see that they like. If we aren’t observant or aware of what is going on around us, it may slip right by.

What do you want CLT to know about you and your company? Well, I am a CLT native, born and raised (I know, crazy! There's not many of us left!) and it is a pleasure to have a business in the city I grew up in. I want people to know what Two Fold stands for. I want people to know that Two Fold is more than just another clothing brand. We stand for high quality, environmental responsibility, and encouraging women to be the best they can be. With Two Fold, I am bringing a different style to Charlotte. It's a simpler design aesthetic focusing on quality over quantity. These pieces flow perfectly into any wardrobe and will quickly become a favorite piece!



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