"Congrats on Volume 1 of CL Publication. There are so many incredible people, artists, businesses, and more featured. I love that Charlotte Lately is all about fostering relationships and getting to know the people behind the screens. If you haven't gotten yours yet, what are you waiting for?" - Brooke

The first issue of Charlotte Lately has arrived! To say I'm honored to be featured as a local tastemaker in such a beautifully executed celebration and recognition of local small business here in the QC is a vast understatement. CL is a champion for small businesses and this issue highlights a diversity of faces and places in CLT. " - Ariene

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"Personally and professionally I'm honored to call CLT home and I'm excited to have the new Charlotte Lately magazine in our waiting room for all to read". - Inspiring Smiles Dentistry

"Have you guys picked up Charlotte Lately magazine? So honored to have my earrings and necklace be featured and you know my design heart is busting just being beside the amazing JoyBird furniture" - Mary

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"Gorgeous premier publication Charlotte Lately...well done!"